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  1. Reed me a storee, plz!

    1. Dere wunce wuz a itty bitty obnp kitten in noodle’s work storage yard. Him wuz wet, wet wet, standin awt inda rayne, covered wiv flees an eers fillified wiv eer mites. Him wuz awl aloan. Den noodle’s wifecat Star grabbed him up, dried him awf an put him down hur shirt sew him cud get warm awn hur skin. Den 15 yeers L8er, him wuz awn cheezland sew awl cud admyre him. PJ, aka pallet jack, cuz him wuz borned amidst da wooden palletz ax da produce yard.

      Too b continued ….

      1. Dass a lubblee storee wiv a happi endin!

      2. Hoorays fur Star an noodle an da Peej! (An da Jessica, uv corse.) :D

    2. Conga mai boi annipuss. Leed da wai two da grande bootiq.

      1. Thx, noodle an u 2 awlso!
        Ai need sumfin 2 keep me awayk til bedtiem!

        1. u cud start wiv seeson wun ov Game of Thrones…. an werk ur wau thru sebenty episodez cuz Winter is here.

          1. Ai du nat hab dat awn mai TB. – wud nawt watsh it iffn Ai did! Nawt mai sort uv fing.

            1. iz reely silly icky an ufn. ai admit ai iz a fan.

              1. da dragon r cool….

  2. Watt? Two eeerly. Waek me wen iz thyme four nomz.

  3. *Yaaaaaawn….stweeeetch*….dids yoo get mai gud side?

    Whoo iz ai kidding…awl mai sides am gud sides!

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