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  1. Oh mai, bat blep. :lol:

    1. Hoo new bats got blep!

  2. aww, skypuppehs gots bleps, tu!
    such a sweet liddlol wun, Ai must snorgle teh skypuppeh!
    Bats need frens, tu

  3. Goooot Eeeeeebening….lets mii fly in froo yoor wiiiiindow….

    Sowwy … what am “bleps?”

    1. Ai had 2 Googlol! Iz a teenie bit uv tung showin.

    2. Inadvertitly leaving ur tung awt. .. i.e., da automatix tung retraxtor dint werk rite.

      1. Mai hart kitteh Zeba, a suite muted tortie wood blep quite a bit. Yup, ai wood tri two hold awn wiv thumb an indexed fingur. Neva cud. Mai star wood skold me, butt ai thot it wuz ufnny. :oops:

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