By the cheezpeeps, for the cheezpeeps!


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  1. Hmm, nawt shore bowt dat!

    1. happypeepday anni!

      1. Thx, mqos!
        Ai did nawt noe wat it wuz! Du nawt fink we haz Peeps in TTI.

        1. Ohai, anni!

          There were a discussion bout them, um…. rite here.

          Tat peers to be an inflated version… finkso I agree wif kittehs on opinion uvvit!

          1. Ai bemeber teh tawk bowt Peeps – juss din’t rekugniez teh inflaetid bershun!

            1. musta bin a weird rabbittt.

  2. Taht Peep spended too much time in teh microwave.

    1. :eek: kurrrsplat…. peep exploded.. upd8 ax elebenty.

  3. Ooh – leeve it owt till the owtside is dry an crispie, den BITE TEH HED OFF!!!!
    Might taek two bites on dis fluffee wun.

    (By the wae, I get mennymenny emails frum the Peeps peeps – yud be MAZED at teh flavurs tehy can has dees daes!)

  4. A fren ov mine uzes dried oat Peeps to maek Smoores an roasty marshmellers in summertime. disturbin butt tasty.


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