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  1. Iz nawt kwite sawft enuff fur me!

    1. Congras due nawt like da cheep stuff annipuss. Ai b in Brooklyn wiv mai siscat Betty. Mai twincat sue an hur hubcat gotted snowed inn bai da blizzard in denver. Dey hadded two sleepz awn da floor! Awl planes wuz grounded.

      1. Thx, noodle.
        Hoep ur twinat an hur huzbing can trabblol sune.

        1. Dey iz goin two be stuk ax a hotel tonite den fly to new yawk eerly friday.

          Last nite dey only got a ‘disaster blanket’ an a free sanwitch. Blaaaegh..

  2. Ohai, ebbeewunz:

    Flooffee Kitteh MUST
    Habz Soopah Saawfft andz Kummfee
    Pillowz foar dayr Napz Tyme!!! :-)


    1. Pillo pillo
      Must be soft and billo
      Jack Deth’s pomes be grate adn fillo
      Teh needs of kittehs

  3. *puts Rabbit Hole pub on list uv things to vizzit for mai neggst trip to Lundun*

    1. Let me noe wen an Ai mite be ablol 2 meet u dere!

      1. Ai will, butt(!) Ai haz nuthing planned rite naow.

        1. Ai thort dat wuz teh sichooayshun! But iffn u du get tu Lundun, Ai wud lub tu meet u!

          1. Liekwize!

            *anni adn TJP goin’ onna pub crawl* (puddy can come along, alsewtew!)

            1. An me fore.


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