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  1. Du nawt irn teh kitteh!

    1. Irnin bord haz post-irnin warmz. Kitteh gotz tu haz tehm awl! :D

      Conga-howse-werk-halp-kittehs Anni! :D

      1. Thx, JK!
        Ai juss went to d sum lawndree an fyndid te wadders wuz ternd awf. Dey mite hab telld me deywu ternin t awf!

    2. Congas annipuss. Pour kitteh shud hab due nawt disterb sign awt.
      Ai b heddin two brooklyn new yawk inn jus a little bit. Gonna c mai three siscats an 2 ob dere hubcats. Yahoo four fambly.. ai b luckee

      1. Th, noodle!
        Hoep u hab a gudd jjernee.

        1. Fankies mai tti frend. Sew far sew gud. Nao ai plan two sleepz mai wai acrost dis ginormus country. LAX to JFK.

          1. 8O dunawt forget yur winner cote.
            an dress inn laiers.
            waev tew me wen yu flie ober soufwess Noo Jork (teh state)!

          2. Hazza gud tiem! I lubs Noo York. Yu gunna do fun stuff? Eat fun fud like at Koneko Cat Cafe? See a plae? Or jus has happitime wid fambly? Dat’s gud tu.

            1. youse could goe tew teh Tribekka Grills an maibee sea Robert “sigh” DeNiro.

              1. ai was thare wunce an had trubbles fore teh furst thyme, mmmm, nao ai noe wath awl teh fuss is abawt.

  2. Ai beleebs dis LOL contains an Irony…

    …she said ironically…

    …tip yoor serbers, ai’ll be heer awl weekweekweek…

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