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  1. Kitteh haz hiz pryoriteez rite – Nomns nawt sekund!

    1. Conga-noms Anni! :D

      1. Thx, JK!
        an Ai muss go owt 2 bye noms! BBL, Bai!

    2. Congss annipuss. Stil in new yawk. Tumorro ai fli hoam too mai PJ an Jessica.
      Ohai JK. Ai hopez u am gid.

      1. Th, noodle!
        Hop teh hoemwerd flit iz smoove!

  2. Iz mundai. Member two where splort protexchun .

  3. Is Rubliw a gud naem for a kitteh? I wud liek to rub yu!

  4. figure?


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