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Just Right

Photo (of Cory-Bear and Freya) by Jackie.Elle
Caption by prysma

There am a story wif this. That mite nawt look lyk a boks, but it are a shallow plastic storage bin wif a pillowcase stretched tight over it to make a hammock, an floofy blankits on top fur ekstra comfies on cold nites. I maked it for Trick, thinking it might be nice fur his arfritis, but he nawt lyk – but Cory an Freya duz! Freya claimed it inna evening cupple days ago. When we lukked around a bit later, Cory had wriggled self into it up against teh Freya-girl, who had no intention of surrendering it. (Yes, that are her supper bowl – Cory’s waz nearby.) And, after awl, he ARE my babybear… :lol:


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  1. Wen her gets up 2 yooze teh lidderboks Ai wul taek ful pusseshun!

    1. Waz you watchin tehm? That be preddy much what happined! :lol:

      Conga bedtheefs onna lonely solo, anni!

      1. Ai noe kittehz! Thx fur teh congrats, Prysma!

  2. that is a good idea for the kitties!
    Hmmmmm that mite work very well at the shelter cause easy peasy to clean.

    1. Pillowcase fits pretty tightly wif box inside, so is tenshuns, tehn I use cupple-free metal binder clips to hold it shut onna open end. If you wants I can take a cupple pics uv it wifout teh egstra blankies on tawp. And iz berry berry eezy tu cleen. Pillowcases am cheep at thrift stores and wash eezy. Box useta has paperbacks innit, but it got repurposed. :lol:

      1. shure, pic appreciated!

  3. Ohai, anni, Prysma andz ebbeewunz:

    Coaree~Bayrr gottef
    BEEG… So BEEG dat himz can fotz
    inna Packeeng Krayt!

    Coaree~Bayrr wuzza
    Itteh Bittteh Kittuhn dat
    groo wiff Pryzmna’z LUB!!

    Coaree~Bayrrcan awllso
    fitz inna Grayt Beeg Shippeeng
    Cawntaynnurr to Napz!!! :-)


    1. thay DEW luk pretty larje dere, luvlee ohaikew Jack!


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