By the cheezpeeps, for the cheezpeeps!


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  1. A lawt moar rispekt plzthx!

    1. Kitteh haz a dignitee yu knoe!

      Conga-skwees Anni! :D

      Dailite saybinz haz frone me rite owt dis week!

      1. Thx.JK.
        Me 3! Wul awmost be glad wen we chaynj ower klokks!

  2. Well dens, kitteh deer, yoo habs to dial back de cyoots! A poor defenceless hoomin can onlee stand sew much…

  3. tqaht will bee hard tew dew littlol sqwee baby kitteh butt if’in ai dew, kan ai pleeze still snorgle and kissify yu???

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