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  1. U did sabe me sum, rite?

    1. Tehr is a plate in teh kichin. Is haff toona, haff sammun, haff chikkin, haff turkey.

      Maybe three plates. I’m a hoomin, not an adder.

      1. *Triez 2 draw a Venn die-a-gram fur dat. Gibs up coz dey had nawt inbented dem wen Ai did maffs*

  2. Um….umm….*thinks fast*….ummm…*starts to sweat*…

    Iz mai gnu toothpaste, kitteh….umm, yeah, dat’s rite….toothpaste. Yoo likes?

    Congas Anni!

    1. Thx, Shepmom!

    2. :lol: mai twin cat sue wunce stopified hurselve rite befour brusshin hur teefz wiv toona flavored laxatone. :lol: whee stil laffs an laffs. PJ an Jessica whir nawt amused.

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