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  1. Muss hab bean a speshul offur!

    1. kitteh, this are nawt what are meant by re-tail therapy…

      ohai, ap, and conga stripey tayle kittehs on teh nawt seckond

      1. Ohai an thx, Puddy!

    2. Conga-happitailols Anni yu leed teh tye! :D

      1. Thx, JK an congrats 2 u 2!

        1. Fankies Anni! :D

  2. It sootz yu littlol kitteh! :D

    1. and conga kittehs on sharing teh tye, jk

      1. Ohai an fankies puddy_tat! :D

  3. Tayle izza mis-matched Ikea one.

  4. thare’s a dissgruntled callycoe sumware aifinksew

    1. Ai have wun rite heer!

  5. Ohai, ebbeewunz:

    Liddill Kallee~Ko
    Kittuhn haz itz Kallee~Ko
    awlll in hurz Tayl!

    Liddill Kallee~Ko
    Kittuhn wilol haz LAWTZ ubz Sawft
    Lubblww Bejjeh Fur!!

    Liddill Kallee~Ko
    Kittuhn will haz LAWTZ Hewmin
    Mionnyunnz to cawntroal!!! :-)


    1. ai give yu nawt six bergers fore luvely ohaikoos Jack!

  6. y’noe, mai MiMi (mudder of Ronnie & Susie an fosder mudder of Johnny) Hur got that wite body and cally-coe taylol butt hurr has cally-coe awn fourhead an hur has long hayrs.

  7. Ummm…it’s lubbly, kitteh….ummm…did dey habs any otter color opshuns?

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