By the cheezpeeps, for the cheezpeeps!


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    1. conkittehangoggie anni!
      aww thay are sow sqkweeeee.

    2. conga luvly snugglez annipuss an ohai dere maryqos!

      1. ohai noodle!
        ai am lissening tew the mostest (spell check turned it into “moistest” :D :D ) borring Sea Dee Sea weak long educamashinal workshop.

  1. luk, iz mai PJ an Jessica. :oops: nope, iz da wundrus Otis an Rocko. short1fry’s overlordz remindz me ov mai obnp an panthur pear.

    1. erm…….ai won’t bee the wun tew tell Jessica on you mistaeking a goggie fore her royal floofines….

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