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  1. ohai over dere,kan you come plali?

    1. Congrats, mqos!
      WP muss hab eetid mai commint – oar moar lieklee. Ai fergottid 2 clikk awn send!

      1. ai dint suspekt ai wood bee nawt sekint, den wen ai seed taht den ai reedid lass lol komment tew sea if anni wend tew teh stoer. sew thangyew!

  2. Twins!

  3. Am sumfing beri comforting abowt dribing in de cold wether and going bai a howse wiffa snug safe warm kitteh in de window…makes mii happy.

    1. Ohai, Shepmom – I livs in a complecks wif many apartment bildings, and lots of us has kittehs (tehy are completely allowed!) an is so nise to drive thru teh complecks an see all teh kittehs sunning in teh windows – I noes jus whut yu meen. It sez “heer is a gud hoam full of luving”.

  4. We hasta signal wif sekrit tayle langwidge so teh hoomins dont noe whut we ar plottin. Tee hee!

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