By the cheezpeeps, for the cheezpeeps!


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  1. Wowie, dat wuz sum gud nip….

    1. Congrats, noodle! U led teh wai!

      1. Bootiq agin. Congas to u 2. Ai kneads me sum extree strenff allergee pillz. Spring iz sroinging.

        1. Thx noodl – sowwee bowt teh allerjees, hep u kn get sumfin dat halps.
          Awl Ai need iz moar sleeps!

  2. Inbiziblol trappeez!

    1. Ai fink iz dat weird orb dat iz awn dat chare yup. Intrafearing wiv da spaze, thyme, feline continuum.

  3. Ann he sabes! Lolcats win teh mach adn teh cookies!

    1. Mai hero mikey savez da dai…


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