1. Doan’t showt – ebriwun wul want wun!

    1. o hai and conga littlol critters on teh nawt seckond (i are nawt sure what him / her is either)

      1. Thx, Puddy!
        Me two neever!

    2. Conga tye annipuss an puddy_tat. Aisle jus pass awn da species ov da dai samwich selection.

      1. Thx, noodle!

      2. o hai and thankies

  2. and nawt so vegetabletarian

    1. Sowwee! Ai haz a sleepee an din’t notiss dat we had a tye!

      1. oh

        i didn’t either…

        1. Bedtiem Aifink! G’nite!

  3. Pbbbbbtt.. watt wuz dat?

  4. Yes, pleeze to bring mai gnu order…but ai am keeping dis cyoot!

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