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U fateeg me!

Photo (of heart-kitty Delilah) and caption by Cat_S

Photo (of heart-kitty Delilah) and caption by Cat_S

Cat_S sez: Yawn is the late great Delilah – who passed into the mythology of the vet practice as requiring the same caution as the big cats at the local zoo, also on their books!
Classiclol from Sept 2016


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  1. Go wai an let me sleep im peese!

  2. o hai, and conga obnp kittehs, ap

    that are a good idea, kitteh


    1. Ohai an thx, Puddy!
      Yep, Ai cud du wiv a nap…oar too… oar sebrul!

  3. Jus cuz teh are smaller den teh big cats, our kids cn still be mighty scary wen teh are upsetified. N the V-E-T iz berry upsetifying.

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