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  1. ..but den, Ai aer a kitteh

    1. o hai and conga cosy kittehs on teh nawt seckond

      1. Ohai an thx, Puddy!

      2. Der be noah Buddha place tew sleep.

  2. Smells like Kitteh Spirit?

    Oh, nawt dat sort.

  3. Reeveered kitteh is dere fore teh reeveering.

    OT: oh carp, ai think ai aksidentlee putt mai navie werk pantz inn teh Salvos bag ai droppded off last weak. :(

    1. Been dere, dun dat, lostid a swetter!

      1. A story frum way bakk: mai frend finished skool, emteed her apartment to relocate to her noo job. She throo away two bags uv cloaz, adn drove cross country with her garbidje.

  4. Ohail, anni andz ebbeewunz:

    Kittehz habz awllwayz
    rooled T3h Urth.And Hewminz needz
    to undurrstandz dat!

    Kittehz amz awllso
    Benevillent Ober Loardz
    hoo lubs Toona Feesh!!

    “Awll Dat Kitteh Seez
    Beelawngz to eethurr He or
    She… Doan’y U Getz It?”!!! :_)


    1. as ai wend mai wai thru “mai” livink rum dodging littlol tois, igloo beds, catnoe, ginormous hoomin kid toi consisting uf long greene tunnlol an hed that is lyke a big kube an boksis to lai awn and shoo and boksis tew lai in…ai sea proof uf teh ohaikooo.

  5. Teh wizest ob teh wize noe dat havin a kitteh on yr lap is gud for yr soul, givs peese an comfort an contimplashun of livin-for-teh-now. But not when yu hafta go to teh bafroom.

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