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  1. Teh myoozik sez it bedder dan werdz!

    1. sets the mood it duzz, happi hummin dai anni.

  2. I hums becuz ai’s happy!
    I hums becuz ai’s free!
    Cuz his eye is awn de sparrow,
    so his eye am nawt awn mii!

    (Sowwy, old church musician joke…)

  3. Ohai LD!!

    Wut ay wunnerfulll pikchur!!! :) :)

    1. Ohai Short1fry! Thanks! Mr. Hummerbird waz veri cooperative, adn he lyked teh flowers that Mrs. Lungdoc set owt in teh gardin. (Pixure waz made last August.)

      1. My komint jus appeared nd I refreshed a fyoo times furst.

        Pleez tew git moar hummerbirdz pikchurs, lubz tehm

  4. Eye fawt eye puttid ay komint hear last nite. O well. Jus sayin wut ay wunnerrrfull pikchur LD.

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