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  1. Du Ai innerupt ur naptiem? Um… Ownlee wen Ai need fuds, wadder, owt, in oar pettins!

    1. Butt(!) dey am impurrtint!

      Conga-naps Anni! :D

  2. yu inneruptid mai sheap cownting.

  3. Ohai, anni, jacknife, maryqos andz ebbeewunz:

    Bizzee Kitteh knoez
    haow to Pryoarityze andz
    Kitteh awllwayyz winnz!

    Bizzee Kitteh wawntz
    himz Hewmin to hoald awntoo
    Kummffee Sunnee Spawt!!

    Bizzee Kitteh will
    den hazza Lubblee Napz andz
    den Hazza Toona!!! :-)


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