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  1. Kiss kiss kiss!

    1. awwww Peej sez “ai lubs yu Jessica”!
      conbondedpair anni.

      1. Star an me an mai siscat betty an hour frend Diana set awt two find a companyun four peej afta hour zeba went ova da bridge. We went two da Lange Foundation (a wundrus kitteh an goggie an horsie rescu organizachun). Low an b hold,dere wuz a yung hause panthor hoo had bin walkin in da streets ov los Angeles an scouped up bai sum kind peeps. Star an ai introduced hourselves two jesse an hur sed yes pleeze, id like two go hoam wiv u. Hur wuz about 1 yeer olde an whee 3 live noa, jus me an peej an Jessica verily happily. Ahhh, life is gud.

        Fanks prysma four postin awl dese memories.

        1. Yup maryqos, whee 3 am bonded trio.

    2. Conga yung luv annipuss. Dat wuz 13 yeerz ago.

  2. Yin and yang – we has it!

  3. Ah mai rascals. Dis wuz da nawt secund dai dey met. Wundrus luv.

    1. hoo wee! taht was a fast. luv at furst site fore shore.

  4. Awwww…gibs mii de feels…sucha sweet pair. {{{{Noodle and fambly}}}}

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