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  1. Nah, ai iz jus a timid liddle kitty hoo got locked aut ov mai hause. Reely, nao hand ova da toona oar elze.

  2. Nawt shore dat iz wyld kitteh. Wyld kittehs I’b seened usually hab big blak M on hed. Dat cos dey reed upside down.

    Dat mite onli be tru ob skottish wyld kittehs, coz dey feeeeerce adn hunt haggises on teh moors.

    1. Teh storee goez tabbee kittehs habz teh M awn teh forehed beekuz Mary blessed teh kitteh nd himz deesendints fur helpeeng teh baybee go tew sleap.

  3. Oscar! Yu get bak hear oar ai nawt give yu teh gushies fore suppur! Stawp tellin fotorgrampher taht yure Wilde kitteh!


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