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  1. Kitteh am disappoyntid yu noe appreeshyayt hur serbiss.

    1. Congrats, JK!
      Aifink ai wuk stikk tu a showuh, thx!

      1. Ohai an fankies Anni! :D

        Ai fink yu haz teh rite eyedeer!

        1. Butt kitteh luks sew disapointified.

          Pliz, will sumwun fink ob teh kittehs!

  2. Mai kittehs linz up owtside teh shower evebry mornin n r amazifidied dat I VOLUNTARILY get wetz. Iz hilarious

    1. Madniss! Otter madniss!!! :shock:

  3. Ov corse, teh washclof mite be a littlol ruf, but dats gud for yr furs.

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