1. Aww! A lubblee bunch uv kittinz!

    1. Conga sqwee on nawt second, Anni!

      Awlsew, habs a chrg w/doi. I’m charging onli wun kitteh, wen old enuff to yoink.

    2. Congas annipuss an smartz two wate til demz oldor four yoinkin wun oar too jd.

    3. Thx, jd an noodle!
      Yep, bess tu let mama kitteh lukk affer teh babbehs til dey am awld enuff fur teh gushifuds an kibblol!

    4. o hai and conga littlol kittehs on teh nawt seckond

      1. Ohai an thx, Puddy!
        Ai haz had a bizzee affernune!

  2. Oh maai. Watt a luvly litter.

  3. Sew. Much. Squeeeeeee!

  4. Ohai, ebbeewunz:

    O look…. A Cat tail Plant!


  5. Ohai, ebbbeewunz:

    Good Morning K-Mart
    Shoppers. Dayr’z a “Skwee!” Kuuill
    Puddil awn Eyel Six!

    Kuddill Puddil needz
    LAWTZ ubs CHRGz and
    strettchee Duckt Tayp!!

    I would rekkommend
    Sunglasses andz Pikkchurr Buukz
    to stawp “Sploatreeengz”!!! :-)


    1. Ohai, Jack – is tu laet for most ob us aifinkso – I hear splortin all over the wurld, evun from mah offis in Owhyo!

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