1. D’yoo fink Ai aer stoopie? Ai noe ware teh kumfee libs!

    1. Scooter haz teh clebburz! :D

      Conga-clebburkittehs Anni! :D

  2. Ohai, anni, jacknife andx ebbeewunz:

    Kallee~Ko Skooturr
    haz T3h Besstest Hewmin a
    Kitteh kood assk foatr!

    Kallee~Ko Skooturr
    deemandz Flooffee Kleen andz Wawrm
    Towllz for “Powurr Napz”!!

    Kallee~Ko Skooturr
    LUBZ Hurz “Beddruum Arraynnjmen”
    wiff LAWTZ “Kubbee~Hoalz”!!! :-)


    1. :D Clappity clappity!
      Thanks for teh loveli ohaiku, Jack!
      Scooter adn her family has an honored by your poetry!

  3. A heart kitteh (TuffGuy) used to open one of my dresser drawers so another heart kitteh (Squeaky) could get in an curl up on my knee socks and hose. TuffGuy would also push/bounce the sliding doors to the closet to open them just enough so all the other 3 heart kittehs could go in and explore the floor, and maybe curl up so mawm (me) would frantically search the house looking for the “missing noses” after getting home from work.

    1. Aww. TuffGuff wuz a softee afta awl.

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