1. luvly suite kittehz. bffff bestest feline frends furreva. cheezpeeps r furrevor frends.

    1. Congrats, noodle!
      Ai waz fawlin asleapin mai chare!

      1. fanks annipuss mai frend. cheezland haz a sad. ai luvs u an awl mai cheezfrends. sew verily important two me.

  2. ai ferget witch butt ai beeleeve wun uf these sqwee babies is a littlol unner the whether tew.
    Beems to Mrrphh and fambly————————–>****

  3. *is sadsadsad adn yoinks kittehs, snorgles dem adn den returns dem*

  4. oh, plz if one of them is under teh wether, plez let Mrrphh noe that turtlol lubs her and finks uv her oftin…..
    lubblee tortitude goin on dere, Aifinks!

  5. Go ‘way wid teh flashee kamera fingie. Cant yu see we is havin a nap here? Okfanksbyezzzzzzz.

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