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Memorial: Tengel28’s fosters

The first picture is of Peanut, aka Baby Cat. A friend rescued her in the dead of winter, sick, emaciated, dehydrated and freezing. She was literally dying, and q wouldn’t eat or drink on her own. I syringed food and water into her and had her on antibiotics for a severe infection. My vet and I weren’t sure she would make it. But after a few days, she started eating and drinking on her own, and seemed to make a full recovery. She was probably about two years old in this picture. She was a very happy girl, and purred and loved belly rubs. She had significant heart issues, and died suddenly last November. She was only about two and a half years old when she died. I was devastated to lose this baby. Part of me died with this girl. 😟

Photo (of Peanut) by Tengel28

The second picture is of one of my little foster babies. I bottle fed this little guy. He was absolutely precious. Unfortunately, I only had him for 10 days before he died. But, they were quality days for the little guy. At least he knew love in his short little life. I am still fostering his brother and two other babies.

Photo by Tengel28


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  1. You be an angel for bringing so many into your heart and home – and a brave one, given how hard it can be. But making sure that the ones you can reach get to spend however long they’re here safe and loved, that’s an amazing gift that means all the world to them even while it’s breaking your heart. {{{{{{{{{Tengel28}}}}}}}}}}}}

  2. oh mai, u too cutie piez am togetter nao. Tengel 28 u wuz da bestest mum ov awl fore dem.

  3. {{{{{Tengel28}}}}}

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