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  1. Berree reeglol!

    1. Conga-Cweenz Anni! :D

    2. o hai and conga kittehs on teh nawt seckond

      1. Ohai an thx, Puddy!
        Ai aer gin owt fur fishnchips sune. Had berree erlee lunsh awn teh trane, so ai haz a hongree!

    3. Ohai, anni, jacknife, puddy_tat andz ebbeewunz:

      Loosee Furr Kitteh iz
      frum Reeta Mae Brown Books. ‘Cuz
      Hurz Nawttee Kitteh!

      Loosee Furrm Hurz gawtz
      into Yookurrust Wayffurr
      abdz Hurz Eetedz dem!!

      Loossee Furr Kitteh
      lookz berreg Reegull, Awll Hurz
      needz iz a Wurrld ToRool!!! :-)


  2. Ai ar nawt a mews!

  3. awf wif dere heds!!

  4. Ohai! And oh my! My Luci-fur does look regal in this picture! It is an accurate reflection of her in real life, as she does rule over all the other kitties, and her number one minion (me). :-D

    1. :)

      it was my nawt seckond thought when i saw teh picture of her…

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