By the cheezpeeps, for the cheezpeeps!


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  1. O, it shore duz, littlol goggie!
    Den sumfin wunnerful happinz tu maek lief gud agane!

    1. What a cutie pi. Conga hope sprungs eternil annipuss.

      1. Thx, noodle!

  2. A finkz a nap will, halp, den nomz,den walkies. Okay rocky…

  3. Aw, Rocky, Ai think yoo ware yoreself daown. Just a littlol pupper inna beeg beeg whirled with sew much to see adn do adn eggsplore adn sniff adn taste adn…

  4. Sumbuddy turn teh grabity down a little? Is tu hevvy in heer.

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