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Caption me – Frank

Photo (of Frank) by Tengel28

Tengel28 sez: my other meezer, Frank, aka Merry Francis Fatty Pantses. He was abandoned as a kitten, and naturally, I couldn’t leave him to fend for himself. He’s a typical moody meezer, a grumpy old man. But, I love him to pieces. He was very attached to my husband, and when my husband died suddenly, he mourned for a couple of months. He would wander around the house, howling. He was looking for him and frustrated when he couldn’t find him. It was really heartbreaking to see.


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  1. come bak L8r. ai iz buzy nao..

    1. Congrats, noodle!
      Teh klokks chaynjin has messt up mai shedyool (dat iz haow we sez it heer)

      1. fankz annipuss. wheel joinz u next sondai. wishin oui quit foolin round wiv thyme.

        1. Dere iz a possblol chanse dat Yoorup wil stai awn dailite sabin tiem awl yeer.

  2. awww Frank, eggspurts wanna tell me again hao kitteh no can haz fealings?

    my sympathies on the loss of your husband.

    1. Thanks maryqos. He’s been gone over five years now, so the loss has eased up a bit. And I have seen firsthand how cats and dogs mourn. They have feelings too, and nobody could ever convince me otherwise.

      1. Yup, mai star bin gone 5 yeerz nao two. Kitties still askz me… ware am dat othor lady hoo luved us. Ai tellz dem hur izz still hear in hour harts… dat seemz too satisfie dem. Jessica an PJ kept me goin thru da sadness. Dey still kneads noms an scritchez an smilez. Life is diffrint wivout hour spouses but life am gud agin.

  3. Dem Eggspurts iz borked. When my husband died uv massive heart attack at home, his kitteh spents months sleepin on the spot where he died an walkin round the house howling also.

    1. I’m sorry for your loss, Badger. I cried when Frank would roam around the house howling. It was gut-wrenching, almost as bad as the loss itself.

      1. Thank you. Like you, it’s getting better, been almost four years now. Yes, it was heartbreaking to watch but the kittehs were one of the things that kept me going. Needed to keep them fed and on a schedule. Both the kittehs we had at the time have now gone over the bridge, so I know they have joined the small hoard of kittehs and some goggies that will be there when I finally pass over. It will be one hell of a reunion :-)

        1. Dat iz gonna b sum reunyon indeedy.

  4. My Russhin Bloo, BlueMax, cried for a week aftur his best buddy Simon Meezer went to teh bridje (frum kidnee cantser). He didn’t start to recuver till I brot home Beau an Millie an he cud watsch dem plae. He dint play wid dem, he wuz tu old, but he was much mor happier an was teh boss of dem till he went to teh bridje tu.*sigh*

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