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Caption me – Dandy

Photo (of Dandy) by Cat_S

Photo (of Dandy) by Cat_S

I named teh photo “gruntle dissed” so aifinkso Cat_S musta told me sumfin abowt teh situation… but I cannawt find teh rijinal refrinse. :oops: Aifinkso it mite has been shortly after him were berryberryberry sick an were wifin battin distinse uv teh Bridge, when him gottid impayshint wif Cat_S fur nawt lettin him go owtside. ~p
Classiclol from March 2016
(On rijinal, Cat_S commented: Yup – he had just come back from V-E-T and didn’t seem that pleased that he had! He had a big sulk for 24 hours and then was a new cat! I don’t think he realised how close he had been to not coming back!)


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  1. Gushifud naow oar the fansee plaet goes oberbord!

    1. Conga dandy annipuss. U leedz da wai. :smile:

      1. Thx, noodle an u 2!

        1. Oops, thyme two change intwo Halloween awtfitz. Brb.

          1. Boo…. skared ya dint ai.

  2. Harumppph, yup… u dun me rong.

    1. kitteh sez, YU may say it wuz teh best fur me, but Aifinks difrunt.
      Yur shooz am mine naow… lidderbawks bee durned, Ai leebs yu prizes in yur faborite sneekrz….

      (kitteh mutters tu self) Awl showz dem…….

      1. Yup. Iz trickz an treets thyme awlrite. Phew, ai wuz happi lungdoc reskued u frum dat dubble splort. Ai thot u wuz a gonnor.

      2. Ain’t dat der trooth!! Dandy has some kind of relidjus objecshun tew littterboxeses! Ewsually on kitchin floor but jestabowt enyweres but litterbox! But we still lubs him!

  3. For those as dussint remember he had hadded a stroke ad we decideded that his time had come! so offto V-E-T! She, clever lady, said she would do that thing, but if he were hers she’d gib him a exxxxtra week! So we did – three days later wuz nooo kitteh! He am still old grumpy gentilman but still enjoying life!

    1. yowzer. datz super cool.

  4. He is definitly finkin abowt kapchurin sumbuddy’s soul an makin it his slaeve – oh, wait – dat alreddy happened aifinkso.

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