By the cheezpeeps, for the cheezpeeps!

u needz cuddlols?

Photo (of Mister) and caption by Cat_S

Photo (of Mister) and caption by Cat_S

Cat_S an Mister sended me this whylol I were in horspitlol, wif purrmission to share it, an it gave me a happeh. Finkso this be teh universal sentimint fur Cheezpeeps when nuvver Cheezpeep am feelin pleh! If yu am needin cuddlols, yu can has! ~p

Classiclol from Sept 2015


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  1. Any thyme , jus waek me up.

    1. Pj an jessie jus did.

    2. Congrats, noodle! Ai wuz dai-dreemin!

      1. Fanks. Dai dreemin iz gud, ai b goin bak two zzzzz.

        1. Hab gud reel dreemz!

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