1. Bizzee buzzee beez!
    Kin Ai hab a littlol uv ur hunnee. plz?

    1. Conga buzz on nawt second, Anni!

      I needs hunny too. I promisseses dat it’s for a mead-oling gud cause. I juss need a tej. Der be lawts on flowers plantid owt for you in my gardin, can’t we do a trade?

      1. Thx, jd.
        Ai haz had beez libbin in mai bedrume chimblee fur sebrul yeerz til dis yeer. Tu ohai up fur me tu get at teh hunnee!

  2. I wud liek to lurn yur waggul dantse, so I wud noe wher all teh gud flowurs are…but I don’t fink I cud waggul my – well, dat I cud waggul.

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