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  1. otay prysma! jus don fawl ova awn tops ov da groundedhog. hur mite run under da groundz agin.

    1. Happeh birfday, tu yu an siscat! {{{{{{{noodle}}}}}}} Hopeso izza wunderfilled day, anna whole year gets bedderer evree day. *schmoo*

      *runs off tu join furkids in bed*

      1. multitude ov fanks four mai twincat an me. whee am gonna b,… r u sittin daun?, sebenty yeerz olde. hao sillie iz dat?

        1. aha! ai waz just looking at teh nawt Maundai Jumble an teh lass skrambloled werd is “noodle”. sarah and dippity! Happie burfdai awl dai my deer noodle!

          1. Yup noodles r evriware. Ohai maryqos. 70 iz gud. Wen u joinz mi?

            1. ai got nawt three yeers afore taht mylestoen. an juss went tew nawt fifty furst klass reyunyin!

        2. ai’m almoss dere two noodle, happie dai uf nawt seben tee an wun.

  2. Growndhog obersleept?

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