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  1. U wul hab 2 fyned sumfin els 2 ware. Ai aer sleepin awn deez fingz!

    1. Ohai, anni andz ebbeewunz:

      Kleen Kloathzz hazza Smell
      Andz Flayvurr no Kitteh can
      Reezisst Berreh Lawng!

      Nappeengz Kitteh Knoez
      Dat Hewmin will Kleen Deez Kloathz
      Afturr Kiteh’s Nap!!

      Den It Will Startz Awll
      Oaburr Againn. And Kitteh
      Will Winn Dat Warr, Too!!! :-)


      1. Clappity clap. U am rite. Kittehs awlwaze winz.

    2. Ohai dere an conga miles annipuss. Woot woot… tti jus beet swedin in da werld cuppa. 2. O. Yahoo. Gud game.

      Ai goez evridai two a lokal restrant an haz a dubble espresdo nawt secund, den a cuppa blak coffeee. An sum sum ufn brakfast. Siscat am dewin fablus.

      1. Thx fur teh congrats.
        Ai aer ingnoring teh futbawl!

        1. Yur tti iz dewin well. Luk awt four celebr8tin nutters.

  2. Oh mai, mai miles. Am u feelin standish tudai oar stand awfish?

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