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Caption me – Banded Mongooses

Photo by Karin Jonsson via flickr (CC-BY)

Photo by Karin Jonsson via flickr (CC-BY)

Classiclol from Sept 2014
(I are verrry sowree, but… I hazza eggsosstid. Teh Cory-Bear haz needed halps wif crunchifuds and waters coz of partial paralysisis on wun side uv face. We all still adjustin. Bein a kitteh, he wants ebreefing on hiz thymetablol… an it are hard tu tell him “No, nawt nao!” no matter what thyme. I are feelin lyk I gonna fall ober lyk wunna these mongeeses! So, I duz teh classiclols coz, well, eezier. Sowree!)


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  1. Zzzzzzzzz….. sleepin inda sunnyshine iz wundrus. Zzzzzzzzzz…..

  2. No worri bout uz cheezpeeps. Dese classicols am jus phine. Hoo remembaz lolz frum las weak lets aloan 2014? U taeks gud care ov ur cory bear.

  3. A band o’ banded mongeese! Lubbly!

    Nawt to worrify self, dear PK. Cheezpeeps am so clebber wif de captions, and yoo am so gudgudgud at picking lols dat it am actually nice to re-visit dem and come up wiffa fresh set ob commints.

    So pleez, lets dat worry go, and get sum rest and snuggles wif de Cory Bear!

  4. oh Prysma, never apologize for repeats (I only remember about 1 in 299). Take care of yourself and your dear Bear. xxxooo

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