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  1. Wat? We leebed a spaes fur u!

    1. Yup… plentee ov rume. Conga leed da wsi mai frend. Bootiq agin.

      1. Thx, noodle an u 2! Sunhat fur me – bedder maek it wdderprufe tho – dey rekkun we aer in fur thunnerstormz!

        1. :eek: wilde wether inn lundun.

          1. Wuz 84F yestidai n 82 tudai! Shud be bowt 60 dis tiem uf yeer! Wul be 50 nekst week!

            1. Yer the wun dat burrowed mai warmz! Iz twenny drgreez too kowld heer. Plz tu send dem bakk wifakwikness.

  2. Trio ov frends. Luvly.

  3. Miles arready had enuf sunshines today. Needs to nap in teh shades.

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