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Patient cat iz waitin

Photo (of heart kitty Ma Pwa Sein) and caption by Cat_S

Photo (of heart kitty Ma Pwa Sein) and caption by Cat_S

Cat_S sez: This is Ma Pwa Sein – a Burmese queen who owned us in the 1970s. She was the most scarily intelligent cat I have ever met and a mighty hunter as well. I once found her swallowing an adder that she had killed as though it were a strand of spaghetti! I hasten to add there were no ill effects!

Classiclol from Feb 2015


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  1. Wye u nawt bring me fuds?

    1. juz a can ov toona. nuthin two excitin oar deadlee. conga Ma Pwa Sein mai frend. ai b awf too werkz agin. gonna sell sopes an lotchunz ax da farmerz market. c u L8r.

  2. hur swallowed a addor. :eek: :shock:

    1. ♫ She swallowed teh adder to catch teh spider
      That wiggled adn jiggled adn tickled inside ‘er;
      She swallowed teh spider to catch teh fly,
      Adn Ai don’t know why she swallowed teh fly… ♫

  3. Uh oh. Nao yuv fun itt lungdoc. Da grate exiztensile qweschun. Y did she swallo dat flie?

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