By the cheezpeeps, for the cheezpeeps!


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  1. Marmeelayd i PLEH!

    1. Conga-obnpkittehs Anni!
      Yu leed teh tye! :D

      1. Thx, JK! an u 2!
        Ai simplee kan’t tel u/ Haow glad Ai am/ Wen teh marmeelayd/ Iz ayprikot jamm!

        1. Ai awlwaiz fink ayprikot jam am berry contientlol. Ai oanlee ebbur saw it awn holidai wen ai waz littlol!

          1. I’m wif yu anni, pleh marmelaide (altho teh kitteh wif dat neam awn bud uf fayses is verrie darlink) an apricot anyfing ai hart.

            pleeze tew sai wich kitteh is wich?

            1. Dat pome iz frum a bukk Ai wuz gibben wen Ai wuz seben yeerz awld. Um… dat wuz 72 yeerz ago!

              1. yu is a yung nawt ait tee ladie anni.

                awn yur burfdai ai think thare shood bee an eggstraw speshil sellebratoree sellebrashin. whatcha think peeps?

              2. Ai iz 79 nekst munf. Sum daiz Aifink dat shud be 97!

              3. oh ai sea, ai thot rong. nawt eight tee is gud yeer too.

            2. Delilah is the OBNP kitteh (long gon across the bridg). Mister is the tabbi – still wif us tho a bit elderly!

  2. “Darn ai wuz hoapin fur tawfee!”

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