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  1. Heer we goes, kitteh. *Cleans kitteh mouf wif soft pokket-hankerchif adn also uses a corner of teh cloth to clean up kitteh eyes a bit* All betterer nao aifinkso. By New Year’s we should have yu nicely plumped up, as yu seem to has a good appetite, nom nom nom. *Goes to fetch another flagon of kitteh-milk from teh warmer*

    1. Ohai an congrats, LD!

  2. Ohai, Lungdoc andz ebbeewunz:

    Tabbee Kittuhn haz
    no Depth Purr~seppshunn. But him
    hazza full Belleh!!! :D


    1. Ohai adn thanks, Anni!

      1. Oops. Missed teh target by one.
        Ohai to you too, Jack! Yur rite… looks like kitteh finds dinner wif noes rather than eyes, yep yep. Nom nom nom.

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