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  1. tummy rubs nawt reckommended

    1. Indeed! Congrats, Puddy!

      1. Dere u r. Ohai an merrily catmus dai.

        1. An sezunz greetins 2u, noodle!

    2. Butt oh sew invitin. Softy furr. Conga u goez nawt secund puddy_tat. Watt didya due wiv annipuss?

  2. Tickle mai chin sez nabeh manul. Ai wont byte.

  3. Happy wildkitty. :-)

    Ohai, ebreewun! Haz a happy Catmus, an lubs you lots!

    Gotta go duz housewurk, blargh… my dadcat an his wifecat comin over sumthyme this week, an apartment am a disaster zone (nawt zagerating) an not nuff room in kitchin fur makin hims favrit soop.

    But thinking of you! Hopin all uv you, lurkers an nawt, am havin a gudgud day, wevver you duz Catmus or nawt!

    1. ohai, merry catmas, and may your soop nawt go boom

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