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  1. Hmm. Nawt shore Ai bye dat!

    1. If Archie haz teh tabby gene tehn himz strypeeness mite show up aftur a long tiem in teh sunnee beemz.

      Conga-seecritt-tabbehkittehs Anni! :D

      1. Thx, JK!
        Yep, Ai haz seed dat iffekt. Ai juss doan’t fink teh cole shoot had ennifin tu du wiv it. Noe futmarks!

  2. Ohai, Ai rememburr tihs. Cheezland hadda “Tabby” day adn Ai snukk Archie into teh party.

  3. Why ar yu tuggin on mah soul, den, bebbeh? Yu reely basemint cat? Dats okey dokey wid me!

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