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  1. Uh oh, kitteh inn a kettel.

    1. Ohi an congrats, noodle!
      Ai missed teh tiem!

      1. :lol: fankies. Tyme change is nutty.

    2. ohai, noodle, and conga cauldron kittehs on teh nawt seckond

      and i has nawt got teh hang of teh lols being early either…

      1. Fankz puddy_tat. Da you s a fallz bak next weakend.

        1. Den teh lols wul be at teh rite tiemz agane! Until Spring wen we chaynj at diffrunt tiems!

        2. some of teh local papers (i hesitate to use teh term ‘news’ papers) in teh london (i mean things like teh wimbloldon local weekly paper – not teh tti national daily papers which is published in teh london) had on their front page about putting teh clocks forward this weekend.


  2. Ohai, anni andz ebbeewunz:

    Kitteh sez; “By T3h
    Prikkinngz Ubs Mai Fummb. Summfeeng
    Wikkid Dis way Cummz!!! :D

    Happy Howlloween!


    1. Kitteh haz fumbz!?! :shock:

      Teh ApPAWkalypse comez!!!

  3. Is dis a cawldrun or more of a kittle?

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