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  1. Him shore din’t flie!

    1. hour brothor bai a diffrint muthor.

    2. conga fliteless byrds mai frend. hao u b tudai?

      1. Thx noodle!
        Ai hab stil got teh coffcoffcoff an aer berree tyred uv it! Nawt shore teh aunty bi otiks aer duin ennifin 2 halp. Wul go bakk 2 teh docter if no bedder sune.

        1. nawt gud. hmmm, dis am rediculus. iz xhaustin wen u keep awn coffing.

  2. heers teh burfday fairy to say HAPPEE BURFDAY to Nerdgirl1, StreakyTSC, THESQUID, SweetLittleGothChild, DaWunnerfulFingBoutTiggers an evreewun else hoo haz a burfday today! i haz bringd yummy fudjy burfday caeks, lemmin caeks wif dark choklit icing, iskreem, sparkly party punch, fansee shiny party hats, an goodie bags filled wif sekrit agent walkie-talkies, sparkly ink pens, kandee, an burds ob teh whirld stikker buks! :D an a big swish ob teh burfday wand to making all yor burfday wishes come troo!


    The Kafleen the Donkey Burfday Song (by Kafleen the Donkey):

    It’s yer burfday
    an dats wunnurmuss
    it’s yer burfday, it’s troo!
    ebben doe deres
    uddurs sharin it
    dere is onlee WUN SPESHUL U!

    1. Thanks for teh treats, burfday fairy! Adn happy burfdaze to all teh burfday peeps! *Noms fudjy caek adn sips party punch*

  3. Happi birfdai tu teh birfdai frenz!

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