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  1. Wat u want dat fur, Buster?

    1. Ai amma veri good kitteh. Ai’m just a veri bad Wizard… ;)
      (Ohai adn conga-obnp-Ozzes, Anni!)

      1. Ohai an thx, LD!

  2. Gotta goe owt – catshin up awn teh shoppin naow it iz nawt 2 hawt 2 moob! BBL, Bai!

  3. Ah ai kaem hoem frum travilin job (elebentee yeers ago) an mai nawt fore yeer old brudder runs owta howse “Mary Mary Mom sed yu’d taek me tew see “teh whizzer gabozz” (no, nawt teh rijinal reeleese!-wazza ree-reeleese)
    he haz since lost teh cheezspeek an neethur sun inharattid.

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