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  1. Kan’t a kitteh hab enni pribasee?

    1. Ai tu yung tu has pappu… pippa… pikshorr-taekerz! :) Congas, anni!

    2. oh waht an kewt littlol fuzzie bawl!
      nitey nite anni!

      1. Sune, mqos – nawt juss yet tho!

        1. Naow it’s bedtiem! G’nite awl!

  2. littlol kitteh wants to be alown

    until she wants fussings.

    or noms.

    or a blankie.

    or moar fussings.

    ohai, ap, and conga calico kittehs on teh nawt seckond

  3. Ohai an thx, Puddy!

  4. Bebbeh, yr so teeny yu wud get lost pretty soon if yu don have sumbuddy lukin after yu!

    1. ‘yoinks babbeh’

      1. Put dat babbeh bakk! Lolcats bilawng 2 ebbriwn!

        1. ai knewed ud find mi. okay, okay… reternz bebbeh ware hur belongz. fankz four keepin a eye awn uz. :lol: weed b inn lotsa trubbel twir knot four u. :smile:

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