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  1. O, Ai wuz lukkin for teh fryer.

    1. an wared u putt mai nuttz. conga butt sorri bout borked computee annipuss.

      1. Thx, noodle. Ai aer gud at killin pyooters! Dis wun wuz ma fifth!

        1. :shock: am u raidio axtive?

          1. No, but Ai has ownlee hadd wun bran noo pyooter, an dat wuz riplaest wen XP stoppt bein saef.

  2. did ai tell yu bowt teh blak skwirrel enturtaynin us at mai parentcats howse awn Nawt Mondai? him waz hangin bai his bak feets bai a silindrikle burd feader an pikin awt teh sunnyflour seads an eetin dem. wee lol and lol’d

    1. smarty skwirrel, datz four shur.

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