By the cheezpeeps, for the cheezpeeps!


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  1. kittehs does not go cheep

    teh budgies goes cheep

    1. Ohai an congrats, Puddy!

      1. ohai and thankies!

  2. No kanz attall, U kan haz yer toona fresh frum teh bote liek rest uv us oar nawt haz ennee!

  3. Aifink dere iz anuvver kitteh hidin behyned teh wun standin ohai!

    1. OH yess der am kitteh noze stikkin aowt dere!!

    2. yes, there is more than four paws (and more than two forepaws) visiblol

      and thinks i can see another nose and set of whiskers

  4. Aifink Ai had bedderer get 2 bed bifore Ai crash owt awn teh keebord! G’nite awl!

  5. Shwimps wurks tu. :| Juss sayin.

    1. Sorree AP shwimp bote nawt in yet.

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