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  1. awn ur markz. getz setz. an go…..

    1. Izzit teh indee fibe hunnurt mylol rayse? Wii kuud being hee awl week!

    2. annnn….go!
      plz tu go?
      ok, moseymosey den.

  2. Naow rememburr. If ennything happins, run adn get help.

  3. Wait – I started yesterday.

  4. aaaaannnnndd they’re storming down the back stretch, neck and neck, keeping a blistering pace…. this one’s going to be a photo finish, folks……

    1. maek dat a slo—mo foto finizh. keep da aperture openz four elebenty minitez.

  5. yes, it’ll be a blur, tehy be racin’…..

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