1. Indeedee!

    1. Troo dat!

      Conga-skwees Anni! :D

  2. O adorablol babycats, I will hide here an admire yur skweeeness (befoar maryqos yoinks yu, her bein kittin-deprived just nao) an pretend hard that it are nawt snowin lyk mad outsyd mai window. Agen. *sigh* Cyoo kittins much better to look at.

  3. sno? it are sno?
    AIIIIIYEEEE….noe!!! say it ain’t sew!

  4. ai juss godda holed awn alittlol moer ai am bowt sidsz ours awai frum hoem inna holly dai innz.

    1. Put dem bakk, mqos!
      U wul sune be hoem wiv ur own kittehs!

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