If you want the password to see why Cheezland is at a temporary halt or to see updates, email me at or

Currently, I don’t feel safe having anything about the subject readily available to various people… I won’t insult vultures by calling such people that. And I do not want them to have an excuse to invade our quiet and loving corner of the Interwebs.

If you have ever commented, ever sent me anything to post, ever emailed me, or I recognize you from the FB cheezpeeps, I’m fine giving you the password.

Anyone else is going to have to convince me you’re a friend, not a journalist or a troll… neither of which is welcome here.

-Steph teh prysma-kitty


  1. Hi, I’m not a FB friend or a troll of any kind just a Brit trying to contact his estranged sister ( she was adopted/moved to Canada with that family/we lost touch 4 years ago), who is a forum member. She is [redacted] (nicewitch) and I’m Nathan Sharpe. Would it be possible in any way, to ask her via this forum to contact me? She may still have my phone number and email but if not I’m happy for them to be passed on. Phone is (uk) [redacted], email you’ll have from the header. Any help would be welcomed, my health is going downhill rapidly and older family members that she may only just remember as sister and brothers would like to say hello before they can’t.
    Nathan Sharpe

    1. Hi, Nathan. I’m the admin here. I can drop nicewitch a note at the email address I have for her, but she hasn’t been active recently. I don’t think I have any other way to reach her but I’ll check whether I have her phone number.

      I’m also going to edit out details like your phone number and her full name, for privacy reasons. I’m very sorry to hear about your health and I’ll see what I can do to help.

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