1. As a temporary thing, Prysma has given the mods permission to post Lols to keep things ticking over.
    Play nice and keep beeming!

    1. wai donut yu chompifie it an sea hoo yellololls? :twisted:

  2. mai tale tastez jus likez mi. tastez nommy.

  3. ohai mods… oui iz bak awn yeah four cheezland rah rah rah…. ai luvz mai cheezfrendz.

    1. ohai noodle!
      ai dewin teh free oklok sew wishis me luk akaws is mai furst thyme.

  4. This lol sooooooo reminds me of Trick and his arch-enemy…

    1. Suksess affer a bitt uf fumblolin!

  5. Mai T. K. caut hims taylol atta boot 8 munfs aold an wuz a bit enfuzeastic when him catcified it!!
    gwabbed it an gibbed it a big ole chompification an hiz ies got great BIG an him skreemed and spinnded around to find aout whoo chompified hims taylol. I hadda laff so hard Ai cried.

    1. Mai Tucker girlie used tew dew dat. :)
      Wen sheed start eyeballin it ai wud say ‘Tuck, u kno dats attachd!’ But shee jus suddint lissin

      1. Ufnny hao onli sum kittehz due dat. Mai jessica wood bi inn da cornor an thumpedy thumpz. Dere wood b a blur ov whirlin blk kitten ju likez a tiny tornadoe. A slite paws wen hur catchified dat tale, den dat dern tale wood ezcape an da cirkle race wuz awn agin.

  6. Remines me of the cowurdly liyun in Teh Wiizzurd of Oz…”Sumbuddy pulld mah tayle!”

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